2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups

Fill N Save Elite Series Stainless Steel Reusable K Cup for Keurig 2.0 and Backward Compatible With Original Keurig 1.0 Models. Works with Keurig Machines and Other Single Cup Brewers (2 Pack)

UPC: 795525467895

 11 2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups
2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups 2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups
2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups 2 pack stainless steel reusable k cups
  • MADE IN USA & BUILT TO OUTLAST YOUR KEURIG MACHINE: Tired of buying cheap and flimsy Dolphin K cups that have different names but are all the same? The Fill N Save ELITE SERIES is made Stainless Steel TOUGH with high industrial quality materials. Durable enough and built to outlast your Keurig Machine!

  • SPECIAL DESIGN: All the Dolphin K cups do not have a mesh at the bottom to allow the coffee to exit when brewing, this makes the coffee pool at the bottom of the K cup and does not extract well and makes it extremely difficult to clean along with the coffee tasting week. Our Reusable K cups were carefully lab designed to ensure MAXIMUM flow to allow coffee to flow through and properly heat in the Stainless Steel K Cup so you can drink a more flavorful cup of coffee.

  • NO WEAKNESS: The main weak points of all Plastic K Cups are the Hinges, Mesh and O Ring. The Elite Series Hinge is Metallic Stainless Steel and will not break despite multiple uses. The Mesh is made of a unibody design which will not pierce unless you take a hammer and a nail to it. The O Ring is the highest quality of any O Ring on the market as it has to be thicker in order to fit snug in the aluminum design and finally … it’s very easy on the eyes!

  • EASY TO CLEAN AND BPA FREE: Just like all our other Fill N Save line of K Cups, they are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. However our Stainless Steel K Cups are even easier to clean as coffee oil residue is easy to wipe off on Stainless Steel simply with water instead of having to wash thoroughly like all of those plastic Refillable K Cups on the market.

  • COMPATIBLE With all Keurig 2.0 machines, NOT COMPATIBLE with Keurig K130 (B130),K145 (B145),K150 (B150),K155 (B155), K3000 (B3000), Always ships from USA. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.