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Hello Garden Expandable Garden Hose Set with Brass Connectors, Shutoff Valve, Metal Hook Hanger Holder & [BONUS] FREE 9 Pattern HIGH Pressure Metal Sprayer AUTOMATIC FIRE Nozzle Suitable for Washing a Car or the Windows of your House. Heavy Duty 3 Layer Latex. (50 Feet)

  • MAKES YOUR LIFE MUCH EASIER…NEVER KINKS OR TANGLES, SUPER FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: No tangle, twist or kink. Flexible and easy to handle and store. No need to struggle to unwind or untangle and no more straining your back by lugging a heavy hose around as it’s about one quarter of the weight of a traditional hose! Expands up to 3 times its length, lightweight and compact to store for extra tidiness where space is limited.

  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We guarantee this hose will not tear, leak or burst because of our new & improved technology!

  • HEAVY DUTY DURABLE TRIPLE LAYER LATEX: Super strong quality to prevent hose bursting. This amazing Hello Garden water hose expands from 17 ft to 50 ft then returns in seconds back to 17 feet after you’re done! High durability with a Working Pressure of 8-15bars/225PSI ! Our Engineers decided to go with the best quality materials available a UV-resistant outer nylon fabric and a reinforced 3 layer design much stronger than all the single or double layer hoses on the market. Strongest material GUARANTEED not to burst!

  • FREE 9 FUNCTION FIRE HOSE TYPE (20$ value) SOLID METAL NOZZLE WITH LEVER LOCK FOR FULLY AUTOMATIC CONTINUOUS HANDS-FREE SPRAY: Adjust the nozzle pattern that best fits your watering needs, pull the lever and let the hose automatically continue spraying on its own! Perfect to water your garden and HIGH Pressure setting to Wash your Car or the Windows of your House. Ideal for Garden / Home Exterior / Car / RV / Trailer / Camping / Boat. 9 settings METAL nozzle, guaranteed to satisfy all your watering needs, unlike others which only have 7 or 8 settings and are made of LOW quality plastic.

  • SOLID BRASS CONNECTION FITTINGS WITH SHUT OFF VALVE TO ENSURE NO LEAKS: Brass connectors for excellent corrosion resistance and durability and a metal shutoff valve to control your water flow easily. We offer the best brass fittings available, making sure your hose connections are more durable than hoses which have plastic fittings that crack and cause leaks. Our ¾” thread brass connectors are leak, rust & crush proof, a much more durable option when compared to cheap quality plastic connectors that easily wear out over time and leak after a few uses.

  • BONUS METAL HOOK HANGER HOSE HOLDER: More durable than plastic!

  • 2 BONUS SPARE WASHERS included to prevent leakage.


Why Hello Garden®?

You will see a lot of options on the market. What you will also see are hoses with poorly made designs or lacking essential items to make your life easier:

– Cheap plastic connectors VS Brass Connectors with Hello Garden

– Single or double layer cores VS Triple core with Hello Garden

– No hose hanger or a cheap plastic one VS Durable Metal Hanger with Hello Garden

– No shutoff valve or a cheap plastic one VS Durable Metal shutoff valve with Hello Garden

– Plastic nozzle VS Durable Metal Nozzle with Hello Garden

– Standard type nozzle VS FIRE HOSE TYPE High Pressure Nozzle with AUTOMATIC CONTINUOUS SPRAY feature with Hello Garden

– 7 or 8 pattern nozzle VS 9 Pattern Nozzle with Hello Garden

– Low water pressure garden-use only nozzle design VS High Pressure FIRE HOSE NOZZLE design with Hello Garden, Shoots Further to Wash your House Exterior, 2nd floor Windows or to Power Wash Your Car

We lab designed our Hello Garden expandable garden hose kit for MAXIMUM usability and convenience. Our Engineers used new expandable hose technology to ensure you get the best hose for your money, made to the highest standards in safety, quality and reliability. We care about the entire experience with our customers. We ARE different and it is easy to see.

In other words, your Hello Garden kit is made to last longer than other expandable hoses in the market!!


What Makes this Expandable Garden Hose so Much Better?

Lightweight: About a quarter of the weight of a regular garden hose.

✔ Flexible: Will never kink, twist or tangle.

✔ Compact: Super easy to store.

✔ Durable TRIPLE Layer Inner Tubing: Heavy Duty reinforced triple layer latex design that resists bursts & tears and expands to 3X its original size, from 17 to 50 feet. Whenever you’re done, the water drains from the hose quickly and easily, allowing it to contract back to its original size in seconds.

✔ UV-resistant, Professional Grade Outer Nylon Fabric
Lightweight, reinforced design that allows for appropriate expansion with corresponding water pressure while preventing tears.

✔ Heavy Duty Brass Connectors
Strong & durable leak, crush & rust proof brass connections prolong the life of the hose. Upgraded with heavy duty washers.

✔ On/Off Shutoff Valve
Easy on & off shut off valve allows your hose to drain its water in seconds after you’re done.

✔ 9 Function Fire Hose Nozzle with Lever Lock For Automatic Continuous Hands-Free Spray
Comfortable & ergonomic lightweight metal design with rubber grip for superior handling when wet

✔ Free Metal Hose Hanger to securely store your hose when not in use.

Your Hello Garden® Package Includes:

– 1 x 50 ft Expandable garden hose

– 1 x 9 Way Fire Nozzle with 9 adjustable patterns that include stream, rinse, center, vertical, mist, flat, shower, soaker and cone.

– Brass Connectors, heavy duty ¾” thread

– Metal Shutoff valve

– 1 x BONUS Metal Hook Hose Hanger

– 2 x BONUS Leak-Proof Washers


ANF Distribution, through its brands and divisions which include Fill N Save®, EcoGreen Savings® and Hello Garden®, offers consumers various products to make their lives easier. Our team concentrates on products that we would use ourselves. We hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@fill-n-save.com