Paper filters for reusable k cups

Fill N Save Universal Optional Paper Filters for Reusable K Cups for Keurig Brewers (200 Count)

UPC Code: 795525468908

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  • 200 Count ! Use with Fill N Save®, Solofill®, EZ-Cup®, My K-Cup®, EkoBrew®, Generic Dolphin k cups and most other Reusable k cups.

  • Fully biodegradable and gentle on the planet. Get the coffee you want without harming anything or anyone.

  • The paper filters are easy to use and a breeze to clean up. Simply insert filter, tuck filter under hinge, fill with coffee and brew! When you’re finished, remove it from the machine, open it and toss it.

  • 100% no Coffee residue or slit at bottom of coffee cup when using Fill N Save paper filters.

  • When using the Fill N Save reusable filter with your Keurig single serve brewing system, try this paper filter for a sediment-free cup of your favorite coffee.

Disposable Filters for Use in Keurig® Brewers

200 Replacement Filters – Use Your Own Coffee in K-cups: Enjoy your own coffee your way with Fill N Save paper filters.

Use your Fill N Save Paper Filters with your Fill N Save reusable K-Cups, or with any K-cup and save immediately.

Use Your Own Coffee in reusable K-cups: Stop spending tons of money on pre-made K-cups!:

Don’t settle for pre-determined flavors. Make your life simpler with Fill N Save Reusable K Cups and Paper Filters. At a fraction of what a regular K-Cup would cost, you can use YOUR own favorite coffee in your machine – and can do so cost effectively and easily. Your coffee experience just got that much better!